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Rose Bay House


Jonathon & Elizabeth

Nestled in the heart of Rose Bay, our terrace house project stands as a testament to the harmonious relationship between design, construction, and landscape. While the existing structure laid the foundation, our approach brought forth subtle yet impactful changes that resulted in a remarkable transformation.


The kitchen and open living area, the heart of the home, blend contemporary aesthetics with functionality. Serving as a focal point, this space not only captures the clients' vision but also meets their needs with a modern open living concept.


A standout feature of the Rose Bay project is its expansive sense of space. By strategically opening up the living areas and seamlessly connecting them to a newly landscaped pool area and garden, we've accentuated the building's length, creating an inviting and spacious atmosphere.


Stylistically, we embraced a clean and contemporary approach. A diverse array of textures and materials were curated to add depth and character to the interiors. The design also cleverly balances natural light, allowing it to flood the living spaces, while natural materials infuse warmth and authenticity.


In essence, our Rose Bay project was a collaborative transformation. It's a beautiful symphony of thoughtful design choices, skilled construction, and harmonious landscaping, resulting in a home that truly embodies modern living.

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