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How to Choose a Builder?

Choosing a builder can be extremely challenging and time consuming. Through this page we'd like to shed light on the several important factors to take into account when making this decision.


Breaking down the building process:

Through this page we hope provide a clearer direction on questions like where to start, but also certain critical stages and milestones.


What to consider when designing a home?

With lifestyles constantly evolving and changing, we outline some things to take into consideration when designing a home to suit you and your families needs.


Who should I speak to first, Architect or Builder?

To ensure your project is accurately designed and quoted during its early stages, we'd like to breakdown the relationship and timing between consulting an Architect or Builder. 


What tools or techniques do you use to streamline communication throughout the building process?

We discuss tools and techniques implemented so that lines of communication are always clear and thorough.


What can I expect in regard to involvement and access to site throughout the build?

An opportunity for us to set expectations on the balance of site meetings, and the safety requirements of the construction site and everyone involved.


What to consider when choosing an architect?

Architects are extremely talented professionals, who in most cases, will offer their creative interpretation of your ideas and dreams. Here's an insight into how to choose the right one for you.


Difference between Cost plus and fox price contracts?

Whilst a cost plus contract is similar to a fixed price contract, there are some differences, particularly concerning pricing and progress claims that you need to be made aware of.


What are acceptable Standards:

The Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards are a national set of technical requirements for the design, construction and performance of buildings; plumbing and drainage systems. This page is intended to provide access to necessary information.


How long can I expect to wait to receive my quote?

We'd like to discuss reasonable processes and expectations when it comes to receiving a quote from us.


What are some things to consider with the rising rates of Building products and materials?

With the steady rise of building products and materials through the pandemic and within the last year, we like to stay up to date with where the current impact this has on the building industry.

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